Firefly Fencing

What's going on with Firefly Fencing?

Firefly Fencing is alive and well! It is, however, a one-man shop, and I've been focusing on my day job lately, so certain things (like re-doing the website) have fallen by the wayside. Don't fear, though: it's high on my to-do list.

Does Firefly support the 2016-2017 changes to saber timing?

Yes! Firefly has just been updated with the new timing. If you already have a Firefly, please visit the firmware page to update your Firefly.

Can I still buy a Firefly?

Absolutely! The price is still $239, and I accept payment via PayPal or check. Contact Ethan at 503-720-5331 for sales.

Is my Firefly still supported? Will it continue to be supported?

Yes! I am committed to maintaining Firefly, accepting new customers, and supporting existing ones. Contact Ethan at 503-720-5331 for support information.

Will there be new Firefly products?

Eventually, yes! I am currently engaged in a graduate program, and I hope to re-focus some of my attention to Firefly when I graduate in 2017. While it's possible that there will be new products before then, it is unlikely given the rigors of grad school.

What is the latest firmware version? How can I update it?

Please visit the firmware page for more information.

Can I get a copy of the manual?

Sure thing! Visit the manual page.